London School of Economics Solidarity with Gaza

É na LSE que o movimento está mais organizado e mobilizado com diversas acções ao longo destes 7 dias de ocupação que já passaram.

Este foi o comunicado que distribuiram:

“We are holding an occupation of our lecture theatre at the London School of Economics in solidarity with the people of Gaza.
We urge all students, all members of universities and schools: Tell your institutions, that we’re not going to stand and watch while the base hypocrisy of institutions, which educate people on one side of the world, and are complicit in the murder of people on the other side of the world, continues.

Tell your universities to disinvest from Israeli companies.

Tell them to send out statements in support of Gaza.
This movement has been compared with the beginning of the movement against South African Apartheid.
This is much bigger than that movement, because it comes at a time when student activism is dead. Apathy has reigned, but now the Israeli propaganda machine is broken.
They can no longer claim self-defence, they can no longer pretend to be the victims when we see images of dead children, of bombed hospitals, of bombed schools, in the news. It does not sit well with images of Gazans dying. Why are you here today? Are you here to defend Gaza? Because if you are, then forget about the so-called ceasefire that is going to happen.
It will mean nothing for the people of Gaza.
There is no point in saving the people of Gaza now, so that they can die in a month, in a year, when they do not have access to medical aid or to education.
We need to provide an end to the occupation. We need to liberate the people of Palestine.

And we urge all students: Forget NUS, forget the government. Stand up yourselves, and make a statement: Start the movement now. Show solidarity with the LSE occupation, show the government that people care about this issue, show the government that the age of apathy is dead. Now, this is the age of human rights, this is the age when we stand up for the people who have no voice, we are giving a voice to the silenced, and we are starting now.”

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