"CrimethInc. began in the mid-1990's.
I can't report on the original goals of all the participants, but I can trace my own initial intentions to a discussion among some friends about the revolutionary organization Winston joins in Orwell's 1984. The idea came up that it was actually a branch of the government . . . and from there, we began to consider what the opposite kind of organization would be (one that purported to be a part of the culture industry that rules today, while secretly undermining it), and how to form one.
The irony, the margin-walking between contradictions, both were intrinsic to CrimethInc. from the beginning . . . and honestly, I can tell you no better now than I could have then whether we are just indulging reactionary desires by forming yet another "revolutionary organization," or heroically helping humanity to evolve past the despotism of such a thing by detourning/deconstructing the idea of the revolutionary organization."

CrimethInc. é uma organização de tipo celular, descentralizada que tenta fazer oposição a este modelo de socieadade.

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